Basic Facts Maths Practice

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Basic Facts is designed to allow students to experience the types of questions, in a similar format, to that of real tests.

All test worksheets are randomly generated, so no two are likely to ever be the same. Students can test as often as they like and receive instant feedback. They can also reward themselves with certificates, which they can print or share online.


Stages were created to follow the NZ Numeracy curriculum.

Times Tables

The table tests are designed to cover all rote times tables in as few questions as possible. From 0x0 to 10x10, there are 121 different tables. However, since factor order does not change the result (i.e 6x7 is the same as 7x6) nearly half of the questions can be eliminated. This reduces the number of questions down to 66, which is the basis of the 'Tables 0-10 Test'. Also, students need not always be tested on the 0,1 and 10 times tables as simple rules (a*0=0, a*1=a and a*10=a0,) reduce the need to practise. Dropping them leaves a mere 36 questions, which is the basis of the 'Tables 2-9 Test' and is quick to complete.

Once all the tables have been generated, they are randomly assigned between different types of table questions (Missing Product, Factor, Dividend or Divisor - order of the factors is also randomised where practical). This ensures the same equation is seen several different ways, which we hope helps learning.


Basic Facts is free. Its development and hosting is covered by advertising.